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Investment to art works, collecting

The main principles to purchase art works


The first and the main gold rule to collect art works that must be remembered – to buy only such art works that you like. Art market is comparative; it experiences many fashion waves and speculative declines. Looking at art through the prism of money that you can earn with art can have painful consequences, because we stay with art works that we dislike. If we have a possibility to choose from several artist works, it is always better to choose the one that reflects the style of the artist the best. Such paintings are the most collectable in the course of years.


The second rule for collecting is… short memory. It might sound strange, but it is important to forget, that once there was a possibility to purchase an artwork much cheaper. If we have not bought it earlier, let’s say, for 500 euro, then, after 5 years when the price was already 1500 euro we have not bought it the rather – because once we could have bought it cheaper in three times. Almost every collector has such painful memories; therefore, the suggestion about the short memory is one of the most important and it can be given to the beginner collector.


There are many ways to start collecting art works by considering possibilities and needs to save specific things. One of the main, but not the only impulse to create art collection is a satisfaction to save specific and beautiful things in one’s environment. Most often people start buying art works to get a prestige or investment. Whatever the purpose of purchasing an artwork there would be, it is necessary to remember, that it has to give a satisfaction first. Collecting must help showing and understanding yourself better.


It is certainly possible to start forming art collection purchasing works of established art classics and their famous followers. Even the beginner collector is able to save a valuable art works collection purchasing art works created by art classics. It is worth to invest now to works of such authors, as Zmuidzinavicius Antanas, Vienozinskis Justinas, Kalpokas Petras, Simonis Kazys, Galdikas Adomas, also, Motiejunas Alfonsas, Savickas Augustinas, Kalpokas Rimantas, Stasiulevicius Aloyzas and others.


It is worth to pay attention at the pictures, which subject views have and in the future will have a historical value that image memorable historical places, architectural landscapes related with nation history, which nowadays might be extinct, historical events memorable for the history of the state.